Water Master

Various Views of the Water Master Various Views of the Water Master Photo by Chris Day

This is a short video that will give you an idea on how the water masters work. Learn more about our Water Master and its advantages. Custom Orders are welcome!!

Advantages of Water Master Box

  • Made of sturdy 14ga. Galvanized metal
  • Sturdy cross supports in front of the screen and behind to help prevent box collapse and screen collapse
  • COMPLETELY GALVANIZED, so no places to rust
  • Heavy, smooth screen used on front for long life and debris catching resistance.
  • Comes in 24”, 30”, and 36” sizes
  • Custom orders welcome
  • Easy flip latches and a handle for lid removal without the needs of tools.
  • Can be mounted to concrete around a headgate, or a pipe out the back to you pump's suction pipe
  • Cleaning wand is powered by the water from your pump via a 1" hose.


water master new

This is the Completely Galvanized model.  It is built, and then shipped to the galvanizer.   





















IMG 20130128 154520 391

      Welding a pipe out of the back of the box attaches it to your pumps suction pipe.  This model is galvanized, but built with rivets.  Custom models that aren't in time for the galvanizer run will be made this way to stil maintain the longevity of the galvanized sheeting.














DSC 0864This is the cleaning wand.  It is light weight, and easily removable for any repairs.

DSC 0523







Custom dual 30" water master with head gate mounts






DSC 0524

Back side of dual water master













Below are some images of an all screen dual 30"  wand Water Master. The frame is made of steel angle iron and flat bar. The body is made of stainless steel screen. This unit is a custom style for mounting to the concrete around a head gate. The advantages of this all screen, slanted, smooth faced body is that there is less resistance to catching debris on the face and clogging, while still filtering out particles as small as 3/32"




Front view of a dual 30" all screen filter










 Back view of dual 30" all screen filter












Side view of dual 30" all screen filter












 Top view of the dual 30" all screen filter, this shows how the Water Master is slanted with the flow of the current to help debris slide off of the face of the unit  











 Final install view of dual 30" all screen water master












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