Gator Filter / Irrigation Pivot Filter

These durable filters, even custom ordered with flanges and ring locks, are completely galvanized.



Advantages of a Day Welding Gator filter.

  • Suction and discharge are 6", 8", or 10" pipes with a 3/16" wall instead of the standard 12 ga., unless they are flanged then the pipe is still 12 ga. To cut down cost. Complete filter and ends, even if flanged, are galvanized.
  • Screen is a Stainless Steel, 3/32 hole on 5/32 center 20 ga. Thick. This matches and beats some of the competitor's screens.
  • The lid on the filter has a bigger handle. This gives the advantage of easily getting both hands in the handle for removal of the screen. Also allows for easier fitting of a pry bar through the handle to the ground when a little extra strength is needed, versus putting a pry bar between the ring lock and the lid and risk bending the lip of the female ring lock.
  • On a 1200 gpm , 6 support bands are placed around the screen to help reduce the risk of a screen bending when pulled out completely full of trash. There are 4 bands around a 700 gpm screen for the same purpose.
  • The filter screens interchange directly with a Clemons style filter, So if a customer's existing screen goes bad, there is no guessing if you have a 1200, or 700 gpm screen that will fit either brand.
  • The Gator filter is made how you want it, whether that be a center or an end discharge, or made to feed with the discharge pointing up to feed directly into the stand pipe, or on the side to feed into the pivot sweep.
  • Any coupler/ nipple combo can be added to a filter and galvanized, just specify on ordering before shipping to galvanizer.
  • Any special flanges or stabilizer footing can be added
  • Can handle more pressure than the competitors, the screen has greater resistance to bending and denting when being pulled out of the can and being cleaned.
  • Also pictured at the bottom of the page, is a clamp with a spring loaded latch that I offer.
  • The Day Welding Gator Filter is made locally in Paul, Idaho. I have personally installed and worked with these different brands of filters for years, and I make my filters with customer service and satisfaction in mind


If You Have A Water Problem That Eats Up Your Pipes, We Also Make  Heavy Duty Versions Of These That Have 3 Body Options: 10ga,  3/16" and 1/4" thick  pipe versus the standard 12ga.  We Also Install Heavier Gauge Ring Locks And Use Thicker Pipe On The Lids To Make It A Truly Heavy Duty Set Up.  Also Ask About Custom Galvanized Dives To Make A Long Lasting System.


Gallons Per Minute Sizes Available







IMG 20121003 185914

The screen inserted into every Gator filter system.  Every screen has 6 bands for superior strength and a long life.


 Completely galvanized dual filter system made and installed by Day Welding 

IMG 20120326 114131

   700 gpm filters fitted with custom flanges

IMG 20120817 122456 1

Custom made 11 band screen .  Custom orders are welcome

dragonfilter - Quick-Release-Clamp

Quick release clamp that replaces the standard gold clamp is available upon request.

IMG 20120326 114131

2,000 gpm filter fitted with 14" discharge flange



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